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Help brands change the world.


Empower brands with emotive narratives, inspiring aesthetics and compelling experiences that will enable them to change the game.

This is our story, this is our brand.

In physics, machines are characterised by leveraging the mechanical advantage, which allows them to amplify the outcome power to a magnitude of the input power. In other words, it makes the impact of your force go far further than what you originally applied.

This is what THE MACHINE does for brands, we find the brand’s mechanical advantage to build a storyline, identity and experience that will generate a force far greater than your investment in it.

The brands we worked with have not simply grown organically, but exponentially, often inventing or defining industries.

The team at THE MACHINE works together with your organisation, stakeholders and customers – the pulleys, the levers, the fasteners – to deliver power to your brand.

We build strong brands with singularity, authenticity and purpose that result in emotive connections with consumers, turning them from customers to fans. Brand fans are loyal, they’ll spend more on your brand and they’ll recruit additional customers and future fans at no cost. This is THE MACHINE’s mechanical advantage.

machine (noun) ma·chine \ mə-ˈshēn

  1. a combination of persons working together to a common end along with the agencies they use.
  2. an assemblage of parts that transmit forces, motion and energy to one another.
  3. a living organism.

About Hexagons
and Hex Nuts…

The hexagon is one of the most fascinating polygons in nature and in mathematics. It is a figure organically designed with a unique set of properties.


One of only three polygons that tesselate
One of only two polygons that tesselate in 3D
Only polygon with distance to center = length of its sides
Requires least length of wall – strongest and most efficient
6 is the only number that is both the sum and product of its three consecutive natural numbers

1 + 2 + 3 = 6

1 x 2 x 3 = 6

The Hexagon in…


The hexagon is present in mother nature because of its mathematical, organic and functional properties. Providing an optimum relationship of efficiency and functionality, it has inspired bees to build the most durable structures with no wasted space to deliver the biggest impact – i.e maximising ROI in honey production. Likewise, nature has designed numerous creatures and formations because of these qualities.


Designers, architects, engineers and industrial designers have embraced mother nature and the properties of the hexagon to produce items that leverage the two-dimensional and three-dimensional benefits of this polygon. The hexagonal nut provides optimum and more amount of rotational flexibility, grip and durability than a square nut or a nut with a higher number of sides, hence it has become the fastener of choice.

“The properties of the hex nut represent our work ethic on brand design, with a strong focus on efficiency, efficacy, functionality and durability.”

The hex nut was designed in the 1700’s and is still the fastener of choice in all machines, from your kitchen appliances to Formula 1 cars to the space shuttle.
Optimum performance:
6 sides give it more granularity to reach tight spots Takes only one sixth of a rotation to reach next side Provides stronger grip and more torque than more sides would Stronger corners offer higher durability