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Help brands change the world.


Empower brands with emotive narratives, inspiring aesthetics and compelling experiences that will enable them to change the game.

This is our story, this is our brand.

In physics, machines are characterised by leveraging the mechanical advantage, which allows them to amplify the outcome power to a magnitude of the input power. In other words, it makes the impact of your force go far further than what you originally applied.

This is what THE MACHINE does for brands, we find the brand’s mechanical advantage to build a storyline, identity and experience that will generate a force far greater than your investment in it.

The brands we worked with have not simply grown organically, but exponentially, often inventing or defining industries.

The team at THE MACHINE works together with your organisation, stakeholders and customers – the pulleys, the levers, the fasteners – to deliver power to your brand.

We build strong brands with singularity, authenticity and purpose that result in emotive connections with consumers, turning them from customers to fans. Brand fans are loyal, they’ll spend more on your brand and they’ll recruit additional customers and future fans at no cost. This is THE MACHINE’s mechanical advantage.

machine (noun) ma·chine \ mə-ˈshēn

  1. a combination of persons working together to a common end along with the agencies they use.
  2. an assemblage of parts that transmit forces, motion and energy to one another.
  3. a living organism.